As you can see from our list of references, zplane is one of the most successful audio technology licensors in the music software business. Over the years of doing licensing business, we have optimized our abilities to satisfy our customers not only in terms of outstanding quality but also in terms of easy-to-understand API definitions as well as fast and efficient customer support.

Available licenses

  • Commercial License: enables you to include our technology in an application to be sold to your customers
  • Server License: enables you to include our technology in an server application not being directly distributed
  • In-House License: enables you to include our technology in an application only to be used in your company (no distribution allowed)
  • Academic License: enables researchers and research institutes to integrate into their research software (no distribution allowed)

licensing models

The licensing model somewhat depends on

  • the number of client products
  • the number of platforms
  • the target market

The fees will normally be calculated on a royalties (per sold item) basis. Basically, we are open to discuss other licensing models of mutual benefit with you.

SDK content deliverables

  • all required static libraries
  • all required header files (C/C++-interface)
  • SDK documentation
  • example source code (C/C++) about how to run the library
  • integration support


Every SDK-delivery comes by default with an evaluation period of 3 weeks. The license agreement may be terminated during this time without further obligations (financial or otherwise).



zplane offers full integration support for all delivered SDKs (except for academic licensees).


Customization or adaptation of the interface to allow better integration into your product is easily possible.

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